Reagan is an award-winning author, an advocate for maternal health, and mother to two amazing children.

Reagan Smith Smutny wrote her first book in kindergarten and has been writing ever since. After having children, Reagan dreamed of writing her own books for caregivers around the world to read to their special little ones, snuggled happily together. In 2021 she made her dream a reality by writing her first book “Teeth Brushing, Together!” From there, she couldn’t stop! She especially loves writing books that address children and maternal health issues, are aimed at helping children and their families transition through new stages, tackle difficult moments, and just have more fun together! Reagan always writes with positively, inclusivity, and love.

In her free time, Reagan educates about, advocates for the prevention of, and supports those suffering from nerve damage from childbirth. Reagan’s femoral nerves were injured during the birth of her first child, resulting in temporarily not being able to walk. Check out her cause at www.nervedamagefromchildbirth.com.

Reagan graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University and received a Master of Communication, with an emphasis in interpersonal communication, from the University of Southern California. She owned and led an events company for several years before focusing her time on being a stay at home mommy.