Mommy has a C-Section

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What can mommy do after a c-section? 

There are lots of changes in life for an older sibling when a new baby comes home, especially when their mommy has a c-section. There are some things mommy can’t do for a little while, but, more importantly, there are lots of fun things she still can do!

In this sweet, loving book, read about how mommy’s booboo from the c-section needs to heal, a few rules she has to follow, and all the fun things she can do while she is getting better.

From the author:

I know firsthand that there are a few extra precautions that must be taken after having a c-section. This can make the adjustment to a new baby even harder for an older sibling. This book offers some guidance in a loving and fun manner. My hope is by reading this story with your soon-to-be big brother or sister, they will have a better idea of what is coming and therefore help ease the transition.