Teeth Brushing, Together!

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Let’s brush teeth, together!

Children all over the world need to take care of their teeth with a little help from their grown-ups. Learn the important steps of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with this fun rhyming book.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends parents brush or supervise the brushing of their children’s teeth until at least age 7-8 and start flossing when any two teeth touch each other. This book supports those recommendations by portraying caregivers brushing and flossing the children’s teeth, while still showing all the things the children can do themselves!

From the author: 

“Teeth Brushing, Together” didn’t originally start as a book. It started when my oldest was a toddler and brushing teeth was constantly a struggle. I came up with chants and stories about tooth care, which distracted her long enough to get her teeth brushed. When my second child was a toddler, she went through a huge “me” phase. She was fine brushing her teeth – but she had to do it. I bought every children’s teeth and dentist book I could find, but all of them showed the child brushing his or her own teeth. Meanwhile, our dentist said I needed to brush still, so the books were actually hindering my efforts.

Because of these struggles, I decided to turn my chants and rhymes into a book that clearly shows caregivers brushing and flossing. For those “me do” kids, the book also shows all the great things the child can do and help with, too. If brushing your child’s teeth can sometimes be a battle, I hope this book can help!